• Albicades


    An elderly human scholar from Balic, a skilled healer, kind but strong-willed. So skilled a healer is he that some of the PCs suspect him of being a secret spellcaster.
  • Aravar


    A scout for your caravan. You saved his life and he swore he would not forget it.
  • Arisphistaneles


    Administrator of the merchant town of Altaruk and an all-but-openly practicing Preserver wizard. Has his own library and is very knowledgeable about the history of Athas. Friendly to the PCs after a mutual exchange of favors.
  • Guna


    Female Mul who helped you escape Nereb Chad's caravan. Strong and tough but timid. Seems to have a crush on Sylas.
  • Hyrias


    Preserver Wizard and member of the Veiled Alliance of Balic. Helped the PCs against Krakatles and rewarded them for success by enchanting items for them.
  • Jarl


    Mayor of the city of South Ledopolis and a cleric of Earth. After the PCs rescued him from the Siren's Call, he promised to create a rich reward for them. But it will take him a few months.
  • Oligochles


    Noble of Balic whose party for Stephanos was interrupted by the templar Krakatles. Courageously defended his guests despite being out of shape.
  • Stephanos


    The premiere playwright of Balic. His plays are dangerously subversive. The PCs rescued him from the consequences.
  • Sylas Silvertongue

    Sylas Silvertongue

    Unassuming but handsome young man with obsequious manner and keen intellect.
  • Tserick Icemind

    Tserick Icemind

    Psionic Prodigy, Kineticist
  • Zhajan


    Templar in Tyr who is worried about Sorceror-King Kalak's increasingly erratic behavior. Gave a friendly warning to Sylas.
  • Zibbo


    Elven merchant from the Shadow Square, the black market of Tyr. Conducted several shady deals with Sylas, to mutual benefit.